Thursday, May 30, 2013

#346 The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Several weeks ago I found out that my favorite (and only) resale store was going out of business.  Heidi sent me a text saying, “Annie’s is closing in two weeks!”  I had just finished my taxes and had enough time to drive over there before heading to church.  I bought four tops.  Oh – and everything was half price.  So my usual $3.50 top was $1.75. 

The following Monday I stopped by after work so I could take my time.  I went through things with a fine -tooth comb.  My best find – a pair of capri cigarette pants from White House/Black Market for $2.50.  I got those, a fancy black dress, a casual grey dress, a pair of mustard J Crew pants, and I think another couple of tops and the total was around $15. 

I don’t know all the details, but the restaurant next to Annie’s wanted to expand and apparently Annie (her real name is Jennifer) was given the option to move her store across the street.  She didn’t want to do that and decided to take the summer off to figure out what she wanted to do. 

Who should I be mad at?  The restaurant?  The landlord?  Both?  I do like the restaurant.  I don’t know the landlord or the detailed story.  All I know is that I (and many other appreciative women) lost a wonderful, affordable, local shop.  I will miss stopping in to see what treasures I might find.  I will miss talking to Jennifer and seeing her smiling face behind the counter.  Will I find another store to take Annie’s place?  I am optimistic I will.  As Annie says, the sun will come out tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

#345 One Last Roll

April 20, 2013, marked the last time anyone would roll the current Auburn oaks.  Click here for background on the story. 

When you've finished reading that, click the video below.  It's very cool.  Former athletics director David Housel couldn't have said it any better. 

I am an Auburn grad.  I've rolled those trees on several occasions.  There's nothing like it.  There's nothing like Auburn.  WAR EAGLE! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

#344 Let Them Have Cake

Somehow I forgot to post my Cake pictures from last year.  I met a guy from a local radio station at the Kiss concert and he got me tickets to see Cake, along with a pass to the meet and greet before the show.  Best meet and greet ever.  There was a taco bar!  (Alas, no cake for dessert.)  The band was very cool and signed whatever we had.  One of them commented on my messenger bag and asked where I got it.  (Gap)  We then got pictures with them.  As I looked through the photos on the radio website, I had to laugh as mine is the only one where one of the band members faces is blocked out. 

The concert itself was awesome, but cut short.  There were two opening acts and after the first band, they shut things down for about an hour.  Then the second band came on and played a full set.  Then Cake came on and played a short set (maybe 45 minutes?)  I was greatly disappointed.  You see, after the meet and greet I hung out in the VIP room (the other meet and greet people had to go outside the gates) so when the gates opened, voila!  I was in the front row.  (hee hee)  I was able to save seats for Phil, Michelle and Lynne.  Great seats, Cake is sooo good, and we were all bummed it wasn’t a full show.  I will definitely have to see them again. 

As always, I want more Cake!! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

#343 Hoops with the Hansbroughs

After the ship sank, I turned my focus to other tall men.  Too bad I’m old enough to be their mother..

In April Krista and I attended Hoops with the Hansbroughs, a fundraiser for Voices Against Brain Cancer.  Ben and Tyler Hansbrough, who both play for the Indiana Pacers, have joined forces with this organization to raise money and awareness for brain cancer.  Their older brother, Greg, had a brain tumor as a child that was successfully removed, but has had to deal with some physical issues as a result. 

Why our interest in attending?  In no particular order: 

·               Krista is a huge North Carolina fan (Tyler played basketball at North Carolina);
·               Krista and I met Greg a few years ago and became friends with him;
·               We’re both big hoops fans;
·               It’s for a great cause; and
·               I’m always up for getting out and going to a great event! 

(And this one was very well run - take note Dunaways!)

We had a great time.  We were one of the first ones there (along with Krista’s cousin, whom she didn’t know was going!) so we got to meet Ben and Tyler right away.  Krista finally got her Tyler autograph.  I do have a North Carolina t-shirt so wore that; I apologized to Ben that I didn’t have any Notre Dame gear.  As I posed for a picture with them, Tyler asked where I played. 

We got to spend some time with Greg.  What a great guy!  Click here for some background on his story. 

The event was held on the Pacer’s practice floor.  Food was set up on half of the court, and the other half was open for shooting around.  Which we did.  Yes, we were the only grown women shooting baskets.  It was mostly kids and a few men.  A few other Pacers were there and they shot around too.  Very cool!  Later in the evening Ben and Tyler took us on a tour of their locker room area.  We saw lots of enormous shoes.  You know what they say…big shoes…big feet!  J 

A fun night.  A great cause.  And a friend had a dream come true! 

#342 The Sinking Ship

In my Adult Swim post, I mentioned meeting a tall guy.  To give a bit more detail, he had crawled into some cave area in the dinosaur exhibit, and when he popped back out, I said, ‘That was impressive!”  He noticed my height and we talked for a bit.  He’s 6’8” and played some college ball.  Really nice, funny, very cute.  He chatted with Kerstin and me for several minutes.  When he left to catch up with friends, he gave me his number.  He mentioned meeting up with him and his friends after the event; I didn’t make it so texted him when I got home. 

Mid-week he texted about meeting for a beer and we settled on Saturday evening, after my day of Rick’s Picks.  I met him at a bar called the The Sinking Ship.  Interesting name, as it did speak somewhat metaphorically about our relationship.
We spent the first couple of hours talking by ourselves and then were joined by three of his friends (two women from his work and another female friend).  Overall I had a good time, despite the friends being there.  I did like them but it was a bit strange to have them there.  Although we have some common interests and I find him very attractive, he is not what I’m looking for in a long-term relationship.  He has one habit I don’t like that is a deal breaker.  And I don’t think he’s a Christian.  Bummer. 

While I was having a good time but simultaneously thinking my bummer thoughts, I felt like he was thinking I was too much of a square.  And too old.  (My guess is he’s 31.)  At the end of the evening, he left me with a hug and a “Let’s keep in touch.” 

So why is it that as the ship was slowly sinking, I didn’t initially want to abandon it?  My first reaction should have been to say, “Buh bye” when the friends were on their way, making full use of my life preserver.  On the contrary, even though I knew he wasn’t right for me, I still kind of wanted to go out with him again.  He’s cute, funny, smart, kind of nerdy and really interesting.  And 6’8”. 

Is it the height?  I know he’s not the only tall guy in the world, but he’s the only tall guy in my world right now.  

Is it that I don’t like being rejected, regardless of how I really feel about our long-term compatibility? 

I think the bottom line is that despite the deal-breaker habit, he’s really fun.  And he does seem like a good person.  Even though this makes no sense, that sinking ship did fully sink.  And I need to keep my eyes open for the other fish in the sea.  (Originally written in early March)
P.S.  - I did hear from the "captain" in late April.  He invited me to meet him and some friends that night at another bar on my side of town.  I had other plans (what's up with guys and late notice?).  Would I have really gone if I had been able?  I probably would have tried to find a friend to go with me.  Oh well. 


#341 Hiatus

I have been on a bit of a hiatus from my blog and am hoping to get back into it.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months!  Life does that sometimes.  You look up and think, “What happened?”  By no means am I a work-a-holic, but I do have periods of time when I have more going on at work.  I was busy the last two weeks of March with work, then went on a short personal trip in early April.  Work picked up again in April with back-to-back projects.  I am now getting back on the blog wagon.  Stay tuned!