Thursday, March 22, 2012

#273 Another Squeeze

Last week I had a routine mammogram (see previous post). They called me Monday and asked me to come in again. Apparently I have dense tissue and they wanted to look more closely on one side. I went back yesterday afternoon for two more pictures and an ultrasound. A few years ago they asked me to come back, so I wasn't overly concerned, but in the back of my mind I was praying that it wasn't something bad. It wasn't. The doctor finally came in to do the ultrasound and explained everything to me. He apologized for the wait (which really wasn't that long) and said that a woman had just had a positive diagnosis and they had to do a biopsy.

On the way home I felt relieved that I am fine, but kept thinking about the woman who is not, and said a prayer for her. There but for the grace of God go I.

Then I drove by a man mowing his lawn without a shirt on. His breasts were bigger than mine and I immediately thought that they would have had an easier time giving him a mammogram! :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#272 Wham, Bam, Mammogram

This morning I had a mammogram. I've had them for years - my mom had breast cancer so I started in my 30s. Anyway, it's always kinda funny when I go in there. Usually you stand, but they take one look at me and bring in a rolling stool for me to sit on because I'm too tall for the machine. Everything looked ok, so will go back in a year. Good times!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#271 Sweet Marissa

I found out yesterday that Marissa (my last post about her was #260) passed away over the weekend. She had gone home after her last surgery and seemed to be progressing well. Apparently she had a seizure Saturday and died instantly.

For those of you who prayed for her, thank you. Please continue to pray for her family and friends. It's hard to believe that's it been just over a year since her diagnosis. She has been through so much. Her family and friends have been through so much also. It's heartbreaking that she is gone less than a month after her 25th birthday. Here is a young woman that went from the joy of graduating from college to the reality of fighting for her life. And she did it with such a positive, beautiful spirit. We can all learn a lot from her. Now her beautiful spirit will shine down on us from heaven. I'm sure she's already led the heavenly hosts in a big "War Eagle." :-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

#270 IHSAA State Finals

Last weekend I went to my first IHSAA girls basketball state finals in 28 years. Yikes!! My high school team went in 1984 and we lost in overtime by one point. Booo! This time the ending was better.

I started off the weekend by driving to Terre Haute in a storm (complete with hail) to speak at the state finals banquet. It was a lot of fun seeing the girls all excited and I hope that they got something out of my speech.

Saturday I slept in for the first time in a couple weeks, hit the mall and then sat in the hotel lobby for a few hours watching Auburn-LSU men on TV and reading. Paul and Lori picked up Megan and met me at the hotel, then we walked to the Hulman Center.

Concordia Lutheran took on Mount Vernon. It was a very exciting game and went down to the wire. Mount Vernon took a little bit of a lead the first quarter but the Cadets came back and tied at halftime. Concordia came out firing and took the lead and after that it was back and forth. Tie, up by two, tie. Finally Mount Vernon had to foul and Concordia hit all their late free throws to pull out the win. So exciting!! Lori was a mess. Megan moved up at halftime to sit with other friends and said it was her lucky seat. To cap off the day, our friend Lauren (Paul's friend's daughter) won the mental attitude award. After the postgame celebration, we went back to the team hotel to hang out for a while before heading home. What a fun, exciting weekend!!

Go Cadets! We believe that we will win!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

#269 Frampton Comes to Indy!

After I had seen a TV segment about Peter Frampton (Post No. 265), I then saw in the paper last Thursday that he was coming to town the following week (March 1). Holy cow! I really wanted to see him, but had so much going on I didn't think I could fit it in my schedule. The next day at work I kept thinking about it and looked up tickets. I found seats in Orchestra Center Row A for sale. Holy cow! I have no explanation, but I felt compelled to go to this concert. I decided to walk around the office and ask people one-by-one if they liked Peter Frampton. I asked Mary and she said no. Next up - Nancy. She said yes! It turns out she had watched the segment on CBS Sunday Morning too! And she has his album I'm In You (she brought it in this past Monday). I checked a couple other websites and found tickets in the same row a little cheaper and we got them. Holy cow!

The concert was last night. It. Was. Awesome. We sat stage right in Row A, behind two rows of chairs in the orchestra section. They did the entire Frampton Comes Alive album along with other songs. The show was three hours with one very short break and one encore. Now, I'm one of those people who usually gets annoyed with really long guitar solos, but this was different. This was Frampton. (Since when did I become such a guitar lover???) One song was so cool - it was guitar harmony - he played alongside Adam Lester. There was one guitar solo song toward the end that was kinda too long, but I think I was just getting tired. His band was great and Nancy and I both especially liked Rob Arthur on keys, guitar and vocals. So talented and pretty cute too.

Frampton was just awesome. Sounds great. Plays even greater. He's 61 but sometimes looks like a kid just having a blast with his guitar. Cameras were not allowed. The show was recorded and you could buy it for $35 and have it sent to you. I didn't do that. Anyway, I did find a pic on his website that looks just like the Murat, even though this one is in Germany. If this was our concert, my head would have been right under the keyboard player.

Thanks for going on this adventure with me Nancy! I never imagined I could find someone to go with - the stars definitely aligned for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!