Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#125 Corner Crash

I know this has happened to almost everyone - you walk around a corner and run into someone coming around the corner the other way. Sometimes you crash into them, sometimes you narrowly avoid it. Today I narrowly avoided crashing into "7 Foot Ethan" at work. "7 Foot Ethan" is actually around 6'8" but I re-named him since it was an easier reference for my friends. Ethan was a good man and married "6 Foot Jenny". (I don't really call her that but it fit in so well here.)

I have scared countless strangers with the corner crash. First of all, almost running into anyone is startling, but when you almost run into a giant (me) it's even scarier. I always get a good laugh out of it. Their head almost hits my chest, they look up, Agh!! Scared twice!

Friday, November 19, 2010

#124 Tall Chick Flying South

Last Friday I left for Auburn, Alabama, home of my alma mater, Auburn University. I walked by the Vera Bradley store at the airport and was nearly blinded by the bright material. The bags are moderately tolerable one-at-a-time, but seeing an entire store is sensory overload. It looks like Vera herself threw up in there.

After passing through security I stopped at the little girl’s room, then heard my name over the PA system to come back to security for a lost item. Hmmm, I had my license and my backpack with lap top…what was I missing? I approached the security “office” and the little cubicle room held about eight people. One man asked me, “Are you missing anything?” I knew whatever my answer was I would feel stupid, and I was right. I had walked off without my carry-on luggage! I usually check my bags when I fly, but that is really no excuse. Maybe I can blame it on the muscle relaxer I took last night. My doc prescribed it for some low back pain and I did see memory loss as one of the symptoms. Holy cow – a great start to the weekend. At least I gave them all a good laugh.

As I drove from Hot-lanta to Auburn I heard one of my first favorite country songs on the radio – “Too Cold At Home” by Mark Chestnut. I resisted country music for most of my years at Auburn. The head trainer used to put the radio on a country station and then lock his office, with the music playing in the entire training room. Finally, my senior year I was dragged to a country bar two hours away in Dothan, Alabama - Cowboys. It had a huge dance floor and we learned how to two-step. It was so fun!

I met up with friends in Auburn, mostly former teammates, for a mini reunion/surprise 40th birthday party for Kendall. I played with Lisa, Kendall and Lynn. Steph was a trainer. Kendall married Stacy (a guy) who played football at Auburn. In all there were 11 people at Lisa’s house over the weekend, including her two boys and Kendall’s two boys. Whoa!!! We caught a women’s basketball game at the new arena, ate at Momma Goldberg’s, surprised Kendall with a stop at the Supper Club (the Velcro Pygmies are still playing!?) and capped off the weekend with the Auburn-Georgia football game Saturday afternoon. I saw people I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years! I think I laughed the entire weekend.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. Sunday to drive to Atlanta to catch a 9 a.m. flight. I had to get to work early Sunday and had also forgotten about the time change between Alabama and Georgia. I tried to be as quiet as I could in a house full of people. When I started the car my favorite college song started playing on the radio. The timing was perfect! It was the exact beginning of “Just Like Heaven” by the Cure. Too funny! I had a fabulous weekend with some great friends, the football Tigers won, and even though I didn’t get much sleep it was definitely worth it. War Eagle!

Hayes and Jake messing with (grandpa) Joe's picture at the arena museum

Linda and Kendall in back (naturally!); Lynn, Steph and Lisa in front

Ronnie, Steph, Stacy, Kendall, Sean, Connor, Hayes and Jake at Tiger Walk

Lisa, Hayes and Jake at Tiger Walk

We need more cow bell??

Video of Cam Newton going through Tiger Walk (he's in there, I swear!)

#123 Dr. Love

I take a class at my gym each Friday and have become friends with another woman in my class. We crack each other up and are often end up giggling about some exercise we are doing. A couple weeks ago she approached me about possibly being set up with a guy she works with. I’ll call him “Dr. Love” for the sake of anonymity. (If you want an explanation, just ask me. It’s nothing bad, just funny.) So Dr. Love asked her if she knew anyone to set him up with, and since he’s 6’5” she thought of me. She had no idea how old I was but told him I was older than him. He’s 25. Yes, I would play the role of Demi and he would be Ashton. Even though he’s out of my 10-up-10-down rule I told her I was up for it if my age didn’t freak him out. She then told me he had dressed up as Shrek for Halloween. “He painted his face green and he looked just like Shrek!” Hmmm. That didn’t make me feel great about my decision. Although if he had the personality of Mike Myers that would be great. Later on, after I gave her my e-mail, she said that everyone thought he was so funny and cute, and that she would go out with him if she weren’t married. She’s 47 so that’s saying something! I was out of town last Friday and hadn’t heard anything yet. This morning no mention was made of it, so I am taking that to mean Dr. Love is not interested. I guess it’s just as well. I don’t really want to be Princess Fiona.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

#122 Palladium

This past Tuesday night Paul and I went to the Palladium in Carmel to hear the Circle City Sound. One of his co-workers is in this choral group and he got free tickets, and Lori had to work late. They are doing practice concerts to check the sound before the big grand opening in January. Not everything is finished, but it is very nice and the sound was good. The seats have good legroom. One thing that was a little strange - the water fountain is right next to the men's restroom door. I mean right next to it. As in, if you are the second person in line for the water fountain, you are standing right in front of the men's restroom door. Not only are you in the way of someone entering, but you will get a nice view of the inside. You would think that someone planning a million dollar building like that would have thought that was a strange place to put a water fountain.

#121 Big Girl Shoes

Today I'm wearing my "big girl" shoes - 3" Me Too booties. When I put them on at the gym this morning I could see clear across the tops of the lockers. It's a little dusty up there!

Speaking of seeing things up high, sometimes in my house I squat down to see how others view things. Can guests see the caulk on the upper part of the tub/shower surround? And they probably wonder why I hang my pictures so high. Well, that's where I can see them!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

#120 Shaun Cassidy

Oprah’s November 4 show topic was heartthrobs, including Jackie Jackson, Shaun Cassidy, The Backstreet Boys and Peter Frampton. Shaun Cassidy was not only, my first heartthrob, but he was also my first concert. It was March 26, 1978, at Market Square Area. I was nine. Nine! It was a miracle I was able to go, since his concert was Easter Sunday and I come from a conservative, Lutheran family (do I need to even put "conservative" next to "Lutheran"?). I mentioned to my mom this past week that I was surprised she let me go to a concert on Easter and she said, “Well, the concert wasn’t in the morning, was it?” Hallelujah!

Shaun’s interview with Oprah was great. He was 19 when he performed at Market Square and is now 52. He hasn’t changed too much – he's a little heavier, has shorter hair (no long, feathered hair anymore!) and has the same puppy-dog eyes. He came across as very humble and appreciative of all of his fans. Here are a couple of his quotes from her show,

“You have this special connection with someone if you’re their first record or their first concert or their first poster or whatever it is,” Cassidy told Winfrey. “And I see the look. A 42-year-old woman will walk up to me and I see this beautiful little nine-year-old girl emerge in her eyes. I do. And it’s so touching.”

He hadn’t performed in public in around 30 years and did a short medley of “That’s Rock ‘N Roll”, “Hey Deanie” and “Da Do Run Run”. After the show I got my three Shaun Cassidy albums out of the basement. I also found some newspaper articles and my ticket stub tucked in one of the album sleeves. I paid $8. I must admit I don’t remember much about his show. I remember I went with Elizabeth Chafin, a girl in my class at school, and that we sat in the far back section. I don’t remember who went with us…her mom? her dad? I’m sure we didn’t go by ourselves, but who knows. And when I saw the date of the concert and realized I was nine at the time, his quote from above meant even more to me, as I am now 42.

It was such a good show (and I must say Peter Frampton is hot!) and was a great blast from the past. I taped the show and am going to give it to Julie to watch. Julie wasn’t as fortunate as I – her mom wouldn’t let her go to the concert and she has never forgotten it. Sorry Jules!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#119 No Better Than This

Monday night I saw John Mellencamp at Clowes Hall. I was a last-minute addition to the group of Alyce, Angie and her daughter, Shelby. Angie's sister-in-law, Tracey, was supposed to go but is pregnant and on bed rest so I bought her ticket. She is a huge fan and has been to lots of his concerts. I've been to two, including this one. I must say, after this concert especially, and after meeting him (Post No. 94), I consider myself a real fan. I would definitely go see him again.

I do feel bad that Tracey couldn't go. She and Alyce bought the tickets at the Clowes box office and our seats were in the third floor balcony. We were technically about eight rows back, just very high. The rail came to the middle of my thigh. I was very careful to not topple over. It was the perfect space - we were able to dance around when we wanted. We did find out that Shelby is afraid of heights. She spent most of the concert sitting on the floor peering over the railing.

#118 Wonder Woman

One Halloween I dressed up like Wonder Woman, but I know a REAL wonder woman who got herself out of a very scary situation.

Click HERE to read her article in Marie Claire magazine.

I am posting this in hopes that everyone (men and women) will be more aware of situations they put themselves in and to be prepared in all circumstances. Not necessarily to live scared, just be prepared.

Be safe everyone!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

#117 Irvington Halloween Festival

Last Saturday was a busy day for me - I led a CIBA ride in the morning and then went to the Irvington Halloween Festival in the afternoon. It was very well attended and had a great time walking around looking at all of the vendors and costumes. At one point, while walking down Washington Street, a guy ran up to me and said, "You are the most impressive human being I've ever seen!" He was nice about it and said when he saw me he told his wife he had to go talk to me. What do you say to that? Thank you? That is what I said.

There are so many vendors at the Festival that make really cool stuff, but one that stuck out for me was Oceanne. Check it out, oui!

#116 Meijer Part Deux

I stopped at Meijer last night after work. I had on a pair of Clark's patent leather mary janes with 2" heels, so was feeling very fetching. A man stopped me in the cereal aisle and said, "Can I ask you a question?" Then he asked, "How tall are you in your bare feet?" After telling him he said, "In your bare feet? Really? Wow! Everyone in this store has been looking at you and saying WOW!" Just another day in the life of a super tall girl.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#115 Goodwill

I peruse the Goodwill every now and then and have found great bargains. If I had a normal body type I might shop more often for clothes, but I usually look for frames or house ware items. Or in October I head there looking for the perfect Halloween outfit. I found a great Mary Catherine Gallagher skit and round collar shirt there a few years ago, and also found some red pants for my Sally O'Malley costume.

Last week Julie and I hit the Goodwill in search of a dress for her Doonese costume. (In case you've never heard of the aforementioned people, they are Saturday Night Live characters.) Once again, she found the perfect dress and also got some shoes. We do feel a bit bad that we're looking for costumes while others are looking for clothes they'll actually wear, but we like to be creative and store-bought costumes are expensive!

More on the end-result costume later. At the checkout, the teenage girl at the register mentioned our height (Julie's 5'11" and was wearing 3" heels; I was in my 2 1/2" heels). She was a little shorter than Julie and thought it was great to see women taller than her. We told her to be proud, stand tall and wear heels!