Sunday, May 23, 2010

#80 Triple Play

No, I'm not talking about baseball, I'm talking about babies. As in triplets. Yesterday I went to a birthday party for one year-old triplets. A co-worker of mine, Lori, and her husband, added triplets to their existing family of three (them and a 4 year-old daughter). I think someone had a history of twins in their family - they didn't take any drugs or have any other procedures done. I saw them a few weeks after they were born and they were the tiniest babies I'd ever seen. They are all doing great and it was a fun party. My hat is off to Lori. It's always off to mothers, but having four little ones deserves more recognition.

Friday, May 21, 2010

#79 Hit and Run Update

I heard from my insurance company today and they found the guy who hit my car. Yeah! He told them he has insurance. Even if he doesn't, my uninsured coverage will cover my deductible! Woo hoo!!

Now I just have to keep hounding the IMPD about my hit and run report. Mind you, this happened April 30. I was told it takes 8-10 days to process a report. As of yesterday, no report had even been filed. I've left four messages for the responding officer to call me back. Nothing. Today I'm going to try the commander. I told the woman on the phone that I was going to drive to the office and wait for the officer.

Stay tuned for more information...

#78 Bike To Work Day

Today is national Bike To Work Day. Did I ride my bike to work today? Heck no. There is a 60 percent chance of rain. I do support biking, but don't enjoy riding in the rain.

Speaking of riding in the rain, I decided to ride to work yesterday for my own bike to work day. The forecast said 20 percent chance of rain. I had a lovely ride in to work. The mornings are my favorite part. The neighborhoods are quiet, you can smell the grass and the flowers, there is less traffic and the temperatures are cooler. After I arrived at work I heard that there would be afternoon showers. What?! The radar looked bad, but by 4:30 still no rain. At 4:50 I looked out the window...RAIN. I had an offer for a ride home, but declined. I feel bad making someone go out of their way to take me home when I made the choice to ride to work. I'm a big girl. It actually wasn't too bad going home. The rain was fairly light and I didn't get too wet. I bought a rear fender a few weeks ago and haven't put it on yet. I was more mad about that than anything. The back/butt gets most of the grit. Two years ago I rode home in a downpour. Give thanks in everything!

This is my third year of biking to work. When I first started it took me around 45 minutes (it's about 7 miles each way). Last year I sped up to around 40 minutes. Yesterday it took me 34 minutes to work and around 35 back home. I don't remember exactly, but I think those are records!

Congrats to all who rode to work today! You are a better rider than I. A special shout out to Denise, who I know rode to work today. Way to go D!! :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#77 eHarmony Part Deux

I'm always amazed when I get comments on my blog (how do people find it?) and I got another one Monday from an actual eHarmony employee. It was very nice and I do appreciate the comments. However, I stand by my complaint that they do not let people search by height. That is a very important component!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

#76 Living in Imperfect eHarmony

Today I am coming out...I am on eHarmony! I joined in December. After being on it a week or so I did "communicate" with one guy from Ohio who was 6'5". You can read about how that turned out in Post No. 64. About a month after that, I communicated with a guy from Illinois who was 6'6". After e-mailing for a couple weeks I commented on him being in his church's praise band, and that, being a conservative Lutheran, I didn't really care for them. I did it in a somewhat joking manner. He must not have thought so - I never heard from him again. Poof...

My review of eHarmony will include the good, the bad, the ugly.

Good - I feel that people on this site are maybe a little more interested in having a long-term relationship, as opposed to just dating around. It also seems like a more Christian-based site.

Bad - You cannot search on this site. You fill out the questionnaire and they send matches to you every week or so. You can request communication with them or close them.

Ugly - Since you cannot search on this site, you cannot weed out short men. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's life. I have received maybe five matches in my height range. After noticing dating categories on the bottom of their Web page (Jewish dating, black dating) I sent an e-mail to them about having a tall dating category. Their response: "Because the core of our matching is based on the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, height is not used as part of our matching process as it has not been shown to impact long-term relationship happiness. If we were to have a setting to restrict height, you may miss out on a wonderful match that was only slightly shorter than what you had specified." My response to them - if you can restrict on the basis of skin color and religion, then Christians are missing out on some wonderful Jews, and white people are missing out on some wonderful black people.

I currently have reviewed 387 matches. Of those, I communicated with two and met one. I am 0-2.

In conclusion, if I were a "normal" woman, this might not be a bad site. For someone with my specificities, it is a bad site. Am I too picky? I don't think so. I want what I want. And I usually get what I want. ;-)

#75 Live From New York...It's Saturday Night!

May 15 marked the season finale of Saturday Night Live. It premiered in October 1975. I started watching regularly in college (around 1986) and now tape it every week. Even though its had its ups and downs over the years, I have been a faithful follower. There's a small part of me that wishes I'd tried to do something like that career-wise. Gone to Chicago to Second City and eventually to SNL. I think I have the wit and spontaneity. I don't know about creating characters though. Maybe I could've learned how to do that. After college and my short basketball career I had no idea what I wanted to do and that would've been the perfect time. No house. No job with benefits. The only thing was that at age 28, I didn't have the confidence. And honestly, it didn't even occur to me to try it.

Even though I think about this now and then, I have no regrets in how my life has turned out so far. I have a wonderful family and have enjoyed being around to watch Aaron and Megan grow up. I have awesome friends ("old" and new) that I've shared fun times with. I believe that God has led me to be exactly where I am. And I have my own captive audience at work who reaps the benefits (if I may be so bold to call it that!) of my twisted humor. I have re-created many an SNL character at work Halloween contests!

I took a tour once of 30 Rockefeller Center, stopping briefly to bow in front of Molly Shannon's dressing room door. I also stood in line for hours to get a ticket to stand in line again for many more hours to get in to see a dress rehearsal of SNL. I was about three people away from getting in. Agh! One day I WILL make it to a show, whether I'm on it or not. :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

#74 Attack of the Giant Boyfriends

I just read an article on "OMG" about celebrity couples with considerable height differences. Not fair!!! Click on the post title to read the article. Not that I'm jealous of Miley Cyrus, but why is it that really tall guys seem to gravitate toward really tiny girls?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

#73 Spring of '10

Wednesday I saw Bryan Adams (Bare Bones tour) at the Murat Theatre with my friend Heidi. It was in the Egyptian room but they had reserved seating (thank goodness!). We sat in the 9th row. Awesome seats! He played an acoustic set and had a piano player. He put on a really good show. I like the acoustic concerts because the artist usually talks more and tells funny stories relating to the songs. For example – his song “Heaven” was written for a 1983 movie “A Night In Heaven” about a male stripper. He apologized to anyone who had danced at their wedding to that song.

Speaking of talking, the couple next to me talked the entire concert. It always amazes me that people pay a lot of money to see someone in concert and proceed to talk the whole time and pay no attention to the concert. You could do that at home for free! The guy spilled his drink (partly on my foot), then took off his sweater to mop it up from his crotch. Toward the middle of the concert people started heading for the front of the stage and they took off. Good riddance.

I have an advantage at concerts in that I can see over everyone. However, I'm not a mosh pit, up-in-front kind of gal (with some exceptions) so usually like to stay in the back anyway when it's standing-room only so I don't block anyone's view. I also usually stay seated if there are reserved seats for the same reason. I do recall one funny incident that happend when I attended an REO Speedwagon concert after college at the Indianapolis Tennis Center (that is another topic I will cover later). Our seats were on the floor and I was maybe 10 people in from the side. We ended up standing most of the concert. At one point, a security guard got my attention and asked me to get off of my chair because the people a few rows behind couldn't see over me. I held my hands out to my side and looked down at my feet. He saw that I was standing on the GROUND and walked away.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#72 Wedding Bells

Don't get too excited - it's not for me. Have you read my blog? I am sooo far from getting married it's not funny! Anyway, my friend Trina tied the knot last Saturday. Another friend, Tammy L., and I helped her out with details for the ceremony/reception. It was a great day and she was a beautiful bride.

You would never tell by looking at her that she had an emergency appendectomy the Thursday before. Holy cow! She was a trooper.

Here is a picture of me and one of her bridesmaids, Lisa Godby (no relation). I think we are really sisters separated at birth.

I think at one time or another most women go to a wedding and wonder if there will be any cute guys there. I do wonder, but know the probability of there being a cute, tall guy there is not high.

I did get a cute, tall dress from Banana Republic last year and when I bought it I had no event in mind for it. When I find a tall in my size (and on sale) I usually buy it. Several months later it was a great dress for a spring wedding. I found some dressy brown sandals at Payless (3" heels!) and a Gap cardigan that matched the dress exactly. Ready to roll.

I am incredibly happy for Trina and Joe and wish them a life of happiness together!

Friday, May 7, 2010

#71 National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 6, was the National Day of Prayer. A U.S. district judge ruled that this day as unconstitutional. As a Christian, I disagree with her. First of all, this country and its constitution was founded on Christian principles. It's not like we're forcing people to pray. If you want to pray, go for it. If not, fine. There are 364 "non-praying" days and she is complaining about one public day of prayer?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#70 World's Tallest Couple

I have become Facebook friends with Gwendolyn, a girl I met while playing basketball many years ago. She is 6'7" and her husband is 7'1". Wow! She had a posting on her wall last week joking about them being the world's tallest couple. I've not done research to confirm this, but they would definitely be in the running! I commented to her that I hoped to break her record. Actually, I would probably prefer a man around 6'8" or 6'9". Not that I would turn away anyone taller!

Like I've said before, I don't base everything on height alone. There are many other factors and qualities I look for that are more important. I just want to have all of those qualities in a tall man.

Gwendolyn has nothing to worry about at the moment. She does, however, give me hope for my future!

#69 Hit and Run

Last Friday night I was in Broad Ripple celebrating Julie's birthday. Will she kill me if I list her age? I am right behind her... Anyway, Julie, Krista, Michelle and I ate at La Piedad. Yum! We walked around BR for a while. Unfortunately all the cute shops close at 6 or 7 so they were closed. You'd think they'd stay open later on a Friday.

I had parked on Cornell next to the Broad Ripple Brew Pub. Krista had to go to the bathroom (she has a bladder the size of a peanut) after our walk so Julie and I waited in the car. The streets are narrow, so one car can go through at a time. Two cars headed toward each other, one a large, white pickup truck. The other car waved him to turn into the Brewpub so he could continue down Cornell. So the truck starts to turn in and proceeds to sideswipe my car. It happened so slowly I could hear the scraping. I honked my horn several times. He kept going. I assumed he had to know he hit my car. I got out after he passed me thinking I'd get his name and information and he kept going! Are you serious?! Tons of people were outside at the Brewpub and walking down the street and he took off. I wrote his license number on my hand. We did drive around the neighborhood looking for him to no avail. I called the police and filed a report. As of today, I haven't heard anything from the police. Apparently the hit and run department doesn't work weekends. They told me to call back at the end of the week. Luckily my car is not badly damaged - only a big, black scrape on the left front. Hopefully they will find him and punish him under the fullest extent of the law. Whatever that might be.

#68 Aaron and Zach

My friend Kathy, and her husband Chris, have two boys, Aaron and Zach. Last week Julie, Krista and I watched Zach play baseball. He's on a travel team and they are really good. It was a warm spring evening and very enjoyable. We haven't seen the boys in a while. They've changed a lot!

Last Sunday Julie and I watched Aaron participate in a kid's triathlon at IUPUI. I didn't know they did these for kids. The ages are from maybe 7-8 up to 13-14. Aaron did a great job and finished in about 23 minutes. I wish they'd had these when I was kid.

I took a picture after the triathlon - Zach's on the left and Aaron's on the right.